How it all started

Local Urban Bites was created by two young professionals with a simple objective: Solve the dinner problem and everything that goes along with it - the meal planning, prep, shopping, you name it!

We wanted everything put together and delivered right to our door. We were willing to cook, but we didn't want to do anything else leading up to it. After 10-12 hours working at the office neither of us wanted to answer the question, "what's for dinner?!"

Why choose LUB?

Eco-friendly packaging

Local Urban Bites uses recyclable and biodegradable materials. Feel good about the product you receive knowing that all your packaging has been sourced as carefully and meticulously as the ingredients you receive to make your mouthwatering dishes each week.

Local Victoria ingredients

We create beautifully crafted, unique, seasonally-inspired recipes that you, our customers, cook at home. We use the freshest ingredients Victoria has to offer and endeavor to use only environmentally friendly packaging.

Quality guaranteed

We know you'll love our meals and the convenience that goes along with them. No more shopping. No more meal planning. No more measuring or forgetting ingredients. If you're not satisfied with what you've received, email us within 3 hours of receiving your delivery and we'll make it right. Every. Single. Time.

Always fresh

We use the freshest ingredients Victoria has to offer, and as such we work with a local butcher and farmers all over lower Vancouver Island to deliver the highest quality meats and produce. Expect the best - We'll deliver!

Fast. Easy. Fresh.

Discover a fresher, easier way to cook!