Lunch Program Update!

We're about 1 week away from the launch of our new lunch program and we couldn't be more excited!

Starting on October 1st we will be offering a kids lunch program that follows a similar design as our dinner program. Each week parents (and kids!!) will be able to log onto the website and choose which three meals they would like to receive that week. Orders will need to be placed by Wednesday at midnight and then we'll deliver to you on Sunday!

Currently, the program consists of 3 days as we believe that this maintains the freshness and quality of the product. However, there are some lunch options that would last longer than the 3 days and so we're suggesting that if you'd like the full week covered, you order the lunch program twice. You'll have all 5 days covered plus healthy snacks to give your kids between soccer practice, dance class, and swimming lessons on the weekend!

All lunches include the following key food groups: Veggies, Fruit, Dairy, Protein, Grains, Beverage, and Sweet Treat (Ok, maybe not a food group but everyone needs a treat right?!). You'll be able to rest assured that your child is eating a well-balanced meal but without all the trouble of having to put it together.

As always, we will be sourcing as many products as we can locally. For lunches, we are also focusing on gathering as many organic options as possible! From cucumbers and apples, to honey graham bears and juice boxes we've got you covered for healthy, nutritious lunch options.

One last thing: Our lunch options come as pre-designed meals however, we know that there are little chefs out there who may not like all the options in any given meal. With the current program, you're able to substitute one item from each meal that you select. Just leave us a note in the comments section at check-out to let us know what you'd like swapped out! 

We can't wait to eat lunch with you!



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