How Much Are You Spending on Food?
Ever wonder how much money goes towards food expenditures for the average BC household? According to Statistics Canada, that number reaches $8,218 - or $685/month.
It was interesting for us to see just how much goes towards eating out (about 25%, or $2229 annually) and how much of it goes towards eating healthy home-cooked meals. It's for this reason, we decided to do a little more digging. We pulled together all the common reasons why our fellow British Columbians decide to eat out, instead of making the choice to eat in - and here is what we found:
1) It's easy to eat out, even though it costs more
2) It's fast
3) No thinking about what to make - someone's doing that for you
Many of the people we talk to tell us that they would cook, if everything was ready and waiting for them at home. Some people told us they were not confident enough in the kitchen and that finding ingredients to make things other than what they're familiar with can be challenging with the changing seasons.
Local Urban Bites helps to solve these daily struggles. Whether you're looking to surprise a date with a freshly made home cooked meal or you're looking to feed the kids between their ballet lessons or soccer games, you can rest assure we've got you covered!
Can you relate? Let us know what you think! 
Corey and Alyssa



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