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Welcome to our blog! This is the place where we’ll be sharing news and updates about our up and coming business- Local Urban Bites located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

First, let’s introduce ourselves. We’re Alyssa and Corey. Two twenty-somethings who had this radical thought one day about how nice it would be to just come home after a long day of work, and have all the ingredients for dinner waiting for us with an easy recipe to follow for direction to boot. After putting in 10, 11, and sometimes 12 hour days at work the option was there for us to just head to a restaurant (and believe me we did that!), but after awhile that gets old. The wait to get a seat, the wait for the server to take your order, the wait for the food to come, the wait for the bill to come… you get our drift. The thing is sometimes after a hard day at work, taking care of kids, and the general day-to-day chores all of us have to deal with, you don’t really want to wait for anything else. That’s why we created Local Urban Bites– the answer to our prayers!


We’re a company that will take the hassle out of your daily meal prep by providing you with all the ingredients, perfectly portioned for the amount of people you need, to make the most delicious dinner you ever thought you could make. And all of this delivered right to your door before the week starts! That way, when you come home from that long day at the office, school, or running kids around, you know what’s in the fridge for dinner, know what you’re going to make, and you don’t need to wait it any more lines at the grocery store!



We’ll be providing you with updates as we get closer to our launch date (Early Spring 2016), but for now, we hope these pictures get your cooking juices flowing!


Chat Soon! :)





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