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Hey there LUB'ers!

Thanks for stopping by! If you've had a chance to read our welcome blog post, or skimmed our website recently, you know that we're up and running and ready to deliver some delicious meals to a neighbourhood near you.

You might have looked around the website, checked out a few of the meals we have on offer over the next couple of weeks, and wondered if this is something that would work for you. Maybe you had some questions about how to get started, or what you can expect once you place an order. 

We're here to make dinner easy for you!

Step 1: Check out which meals are on offer on our "On the Menu" page. Here you will find recipes that you can order for the current week, as well as upcoming recipes that you can browse to see what's in store. We have two different meal plans on offer: one that is for dinner parties of two, and the other that is for dinner parties of four. The four-person plan tends to have meals that cater more towards the little cooks in your household, but adults will find them equally as delicious!

Step 2: Next, head over to the "Place Your Order" page to see which meal plan works best for you. Whether you choose the 2 person plan or the family-plan, you will need to choose the 3 meals that you would like to receive on Sunday. You can add a comment at this point about any preferences you have for your delivery.

Step 3: Make sure that you place your order by Wednesday at midnight! We work with a number of different local suppliers in Victoria, and they need time to make sure that you're getting the freshest ingredients possible.

Step 4: On Sunday, you will see one of our bright shining faces at your door with all the ingredients and recipe cards required to make the 3 meals you chose earlier in the week. Everything will be included in your bag except for 3 essentials: oil, salt, and pepper. 
If you don't think that you'll be home to accept your delivery on Sunday- that's not a problem! We deliver using temperature-controlled packaging to make sure that you are always receiving your ingredients with the utmost freshness and quality.

Step 5: You'll now have everything that you need to make 3 delicious, nutritious, and fresh meals that everyone will love! Happy Cooking!

Alyssa and Corey



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