Fancy Cooking Terms and Hacks to Impress

Fancy Cooking Terms Explained

Ever been to a dinner party and the topic of cooking came up? Now you can keep up on all the fancy cooking terms and maybe teach your friends and family a few things they haven't heard of! 

Sit down and get your pen and paper! Here's a small list of the most common terms that your favourite celebrity chefs are using right now. Be prepared for your next dinner party by knowing the following terms:

  • Chiffonade: To cut leaves into thin strips.
  • Bouillion: A stock made from the trimmings of meat, fish or veggies.
  • Julienne: To cut food into thin strips the thickness of matchsticks. 
  • Jus: A gravy made with stock thickened through evaporation rather than the use of flour.
  • Hors d’oeuvre: Little snacks served with drinks. 
  • Mise en place: To prep your ingredients before cooking.
  • Monte: To whisk chunks of cold butter into a hot sauce to make it rich, glossy and thick.
  • Deglaze: To lift the meat or veggie brownings off the bottom of a pan.
  • Sweat: The gentle heating of vegetables in a little oil or butter, with frequent stirring and turning to ensure that any emitted liquid will evaporate. Sweating usually results in tender, sometimes translucent, pieces of vegetable.

Video Cooking Techniques

The one and only Gordon Ramsay teaching us how to cut an onion:


Gordon Ramsay teaches us how to cook rice perfectly, every time. Check it out:


Looking to revive grandma's cast-iron skillet? Check out this amazing video from Tasty:


Now, go engage in dinner time chat with your foodie friends. Don't just dress to impress... Show them that you have the lingo to battle them in the kitchen!



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